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Saturday, January 02, 2016

Ridiculous Return Policy


Please consider changing your online return policy at store. I went in today to return some items from an online order.  By the time the items arrived, ALL the items I wanted to keep were reduced in price - literally 3 days.  I thought that I could just return the items I wanted and re-buy them at the reduced price without any problems. Seems simple enough, right? NO.

Sales associate told me that it was their policy that the items I wanted to keep had to be returned onto the sales floor for 24hrs before I could personally re-purchase them at the sale price. Since it was such a large price difference, I ended up returning $300 worth of merchandise. That's how much business your company lost due to your ridiculous return policy!

By the time I came back home to re-order the stuff that I wanted, online, they were NO LONGER available. This entire experience was a complete waste of my time (shopping, selecting stuff online, going to store, waiting in gigantic line in store) as a loyal customer. Not only that, but your in-store customer service, again is atrocious! Before I order anything else from your online store, I'm going to hafta think long and hard and maybe consider them more as "final sales" to save myself the hassle of being disappointed...again.

A very disappointed shopper,



posted by Stephania at 4:30 pm
Thursday, September 10, 2015

The Nicole Arbour
Fat Shaming Vid

I was thinking of deleting my blog, but for this sole reason, I'm glad that it's still around.

Facebook is messed up.  I know each and every one of the "friends" on my list and I can't post an opinion without someone thinking that it's "offensive".  I'm on Twitter, but don't really 'get' it, so I barely use it.  Instagram doesn't really do rants well.  And I'm too old to figure out #Snapchat...which sorta sounds like something that webcam girls do!

I don't really follow this comedienne, but someone did post a rant of hers about "Do Nothing Bitches".  I don't need to expand on this topic as it's exactly what the title entails.

Anyway, I believe she should be able to say whatever she wants and not apologise for it.  If she thinks fat shaming is a fake term and that they just make bad choices, BIG.freakin'.DEAL.  Excluding any medical conditions, she's probably right!  And the people who are fat seem to have a lot of excuses as to why they're that way, re:  genetics, they're too busy to workout, just had a baby, etc.  I know because I watch Extreme Weight Loss.

I'm also writing this 'cause I kinda hafta agree with her!  ;)


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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Excuse me...
How much??

I was at the Apple Store, checking my email, when I walked by this watch.  I thought it looked nice, but I'm not a super techie person.  Dunno the specs, what it does, don't even have an iPhone, and all that other jazz.

No prices were posted, so I went home to look it up.

I thought to myself, that if it's ~$500-600 I *may* consider picking it up.  Guess how much this shit was??

$22 000.  I dunno if it was CAD/USD, but it's still...$22 000.  Apparently the bezel, crown, & buckle are gold.  So what.  It's almost the same price as a fuckin' solid gold Rolex.

I think I'll pass.  This shit will probably die and become outdated before I get my few hundred dollars worth!  


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Wednesday, June 03, 2015

Dick measuring
contest for women.

This past weekend, I went to a high school reunion of sorts. It was to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the school. I didn't originally purchase the ticket, but a friend couldn't go, so I was asked to take her place. 

 I thought to myself: 
1) I ain't fat;
2) I didn't age badly, &/or; 
3) My work is really picking up, so why the fuck not??!! 

So you know how the type of car men drive is basically their form of a dick measuring contest? Well, women's version of the 'dick measuring contest' are: 
1) Their looks. Have they gained a significant amount of weight, looking like a shadow of their former selves, a.k.a. high school version of themselves if we're referring to a h.s. reunion. Have they aged badly? Do they have wrinkles 'n shit like that;
2) What their husband/bf/SO looks like and what he does in life. Props go out to professions such as doctors, lawyers, &; other jobs where their male partner comes back with a shitload of bills. Bonus points for a hottie DILF who doesn't have a beer belly and has a full head of hair; 
3) If you happen to be single, what is your profession? Are YOU making a shitload of money? 

That's basically it. So have we really evolved since high school?? 

P.S. Since this dumb reunion, all these chicks who never really spoke to me back in da day are adding me on FB. What gives??? Hell, I'll take it as free advertising. ;)

P.P.S.  I'm totally the Janeane Garofalo of Romy & Michele's High School Reunion


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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

in Revolt

I don't know if this is a good/bad thing, but whenever I go on vacay, I bring a crap loada samples that I have instead of bringing full sizes.  So my skin care routine does change.

(If I'm going to a resort, I *suppose* I could bring some samples for the maids, but some of this shit is pretty complex, re:  serums, primers, retinol, anti-aging, lait corporel, etc. etc.  I'm a native English-speaker and it barely makes sense to me, I literally hafta Google stuff that isn't a straight-up cleanser or cream.  So I think it would be pretty pointless if I left these things to someone who barely even speaks, never minds reads and understands all these terms...in another language!)

The past coupla vacays, with 2 separate weather conditions, I've noticed that I got a bunch of tiny whiteheads while in a humid climate and extremely dry, eczema type skin + whiteheads while in a drier, ever changing climate which was sometimes windy.  Gross, I know!  Thank God I was almost leaving during that chapped phase.

Currently, my face is still in recovery mode.  I have gone back to my regular routine, plus more moisturizing, and more exfoliating with a facial brush.  I have not gotten sucked into that expensive Clarisonic cycle!!!

So is this reaction, as evident on my face, a result of using the wrong products or a sign that I should just get the fuck out of my new environment??


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This entry is NOT an answer to the burning question of what exactly Asifa from Shahs of Sunset does as a form of income.  The only clue I have is that she keeps referring to herself as a "business woman" or "entrepreneur", but the show never exposes the answer.  I was just wondering the same thing myself.

Depending on the day, if cameras were to follow me, people might wonder the same about me, but then again, I'm not on tv!


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Thursday, April 02, 2015

After experiencing the disappointment of the Nordstrom Warehouse sale, I found this quote which simplifies just about everything that everyone seems to be coveting nowadays.  Don't wanna do any shoutouts, but I think you all know what "affordable luxury" items that I'm referring to.

Just some food for thought to digest before your roasted lamb/Easter ham/#gefiltefishblues/matzo meal!  

FYI, the roasted lamb is much better than matzo.


posted by Stephania at 5:33 pm

A Social Media

After about a week of checking out #Insta in order to hawk my wares, here are my impressions:

1. I feel slimy getting followers. Not sure how I do that aside from 'following' other people.  It's sort of a double-edged sword though 'cause in order to sell my stuff, it's absolutely necessary for me to gain followers, but I ain't in grade school any more;

2. I'm sorta OCD, so it's not good for people like me.  Another thing to contribute to the downfall of my sleep hygiene;

3. I feel as though I've been scrolling through an unending photo commercial for: cars, watches, models, & questionable cam girls who probably won't give it up;

4. I can see the whole connecting with strangers who have similar interests, so that's a bonus;

5. Seems like an acceptable way for people to flaunt their "wealth" - in quotes 'cause I'm sure people just take random pics of other people's luxury items in order to perpetuate themselves as rich.  Insecurity expressed through photos, puke-worthy imho;

6. Takes up A LOT of time...if you let it, and;

7. I haven't sold one thing yet, so it takes time to build your followers.

Honestly, I am glad that I'll be going on vacay to the Westcoast, so perhaps I can recapture some zen in my life.

Looking forward to my media break...but apparently, my phone plan will work there too!


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Ok, I'm really not that hateful, I just couldn't help but use the name of the gum in the title to describe what I really think of this product.

As an impulse purchase, perhaps my first even, I grabbed a pack of this aspartame-free gum in the Pomegranate flavour.  Like this HUGE pack as photo'd!  Since I was dehydrated, I ripped open the package in front of the cashier and threw a Chiclet-shaped/sized gum into my mouth.  And literally, right after I chewed through the shiny and hard exterior, all the flavour had dissipated.  

ZERO flavour remained as I stepped out of the store.

So in terms of fulfilling the purpose of gum, which is to freshen one's mouth, pur fails, BIG-TIME.  Why even create aspartame-free gum when it's gonna be inferior to regular gum??  

And just because an item is sold at Whole Foods and has a funky accent umlaut in the name, means squat.  Now what the heck am I going to do with the rest of this huge, freakin' package?


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Wednesday, April 01, 2015

No one told you
to wait

Maybe I've been watching too much of the #OWNNetwork - my Forensic File channel was cut, so OWN was the next best thing 'cause it has similar crime shoes - but I had an ah-ha (ha ha!) moment today.  So thank you, Oprah??

If you know me, you'll know that I have a Jane Job in retail that I've had for a long time. At this particular place, there are some pretty crazy, rude, crazy & rude ass people...I think more so than any other store. I've never worked at Walmart, but I can imagine they have some pretty fucked up customers as well. 

Anyway, one customer who seemed quite perturbed summoned me and said, "When is the jewelry going to be brought out...can you FIND out??!! I've been waiting for an hour!"  I've dealt with this guy before and he's an arrogant jerk who thinks he knows it all. 

So I go to the back room and ask the supervisor, quoting the customer, verbatim.  (Personally, I wanted to tell him that it was going to be a while, so he should go ahead and fuck right off!) 

The supervisor, who is a very patient individual, tells me to quell the customer by saying something ambiguous so he doesn't leave.  And she added, "No one told him to wait." 

Today, that sentence, "No one told you to wait" came to my mind and is very relevant to many things in life:

- No one told you to wait...for the right person to come along, so please don't take your loneliness and frustration on other couples who are happy

-  No one told you to wait...for your ex to suddenly wake up from his long-term relationship/marriage, realise that he made a mistake, and call you up

- No one told you to wait...until the right job opportunity to come along, so don't complain about the current job that you're in, how you hate so-and-so at work, or the terrible things that they're making you do 

- No one told you to wait...for you to put yourself first, so stop blaming others, including yourself for being out of shape and eating crap 


There's nothing I can't stand more than complainers because it's a form of passive-aggressiveness which is passive.  They're not happy people, so no one around them is allowed to be happy.  It's totally negative and no one has time for that!  <-- even="" font="" make="" nor="" should="" they="" time.="">

When I eventually write a self-help/autobiography, maybe the title of my book - or at least one chapter - will be:  No one told you to wait.


posted by Stephania at 1:22 am

Death of the
designer purse

China has singlehandedly killed the designer purse. 

Real or fake, I literally cringe on the inside whenever I see either a quilted Chanel or any Louis V - so ugly!

Where do we go from here??  


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