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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

in Revolt

I don't know if this is a good/bad thing, but whenever I go on vacay, I bring a crap loada samples that I have instead of bringing full sizes.  So my skin care routine does change.

(If I'm going to a resort, I *suppose* I could bring some samples for the maids, but some of this shit is pretty complex, re:  serums, primers, retinol, anti-aging, lait corporel, etc. etc.  I'm a native English-speaker and it barely makes sense to me, I literally hafta Google stuff that isn't a straight-up cleanser or cream.  So I think it would be pretty pointless if I left these things to someone who barely even speaks, never minds reads and understands all these terms...in another language!)

The past coupla vacays, with 2 separate weather conditions, I've noticed that I got a bunch of tiny whiteheads while in a humid climate and extremely dry, eczema type skin + whiteheads while in a drier, ever changing climate which was sometimes windy.  Gross, I know!  Thank God I was almost leaving during that chapped phase.

Currently, my face is still in recovery mode.  I have gone back to my regular routine, plus more moisturizing, and more exfoliating with a facial brush.  I have not gotten sucked into that expensive Clarisonic cycle!!!

So is this reaction, as evident on my face, a result of using the wrong products or a sign that I should just get the fuck out of my new environment??


posted by Stephania at 10:08 pm
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