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Saturday, January 02, 2016

Ridiculous Return Policy


Please consider changing your online return policy at store. I went in today to return some items from an online order.  By the time the items arrived, ALL the items I wanted to keep were reduced in price - literally 3 days.  I thought that I could just return the items I wanted and re-buy them at the reduced price without any problems. Seems simple enough, right? NO.

Sales associate told me that it was their policy that the items I wanted to keep had to be returned onto the sales floor for 24hrs before I could personally re-purchase them at the sale price. Since it was such a large price difference, I ended up returning $300 worth of merchandise. That's how much business your company lost due to your ridiculous return policy!

By the time I came back home to re-order the stuff that I wanted, online, they were NO LONGER available. This entire experience was a complete waste of my time (shopping, selecting stuff online, going to store, waiting in gigantic line in store) as a loyal customer. Not only that, but your in-store customer service, again is atrocious! Before I order anything else from your online store, I'm going to hafta think long and hard and maybe consider them more as "final sales" to save myself the hassle of being disappointed...again.

A very disappointed shopper,



posted by Stephania at 4:30 pm
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