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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Excuse me...
How much??

I was at the Apple Store, checking my email, when I walked by this watch.  I thought it looked nice, but I'm not a super techie person.  Dunno the specs, what it does, don't even have an iPhone, and all that other jazz.

No prices were posted, so I went home to look it up.

I thought to myself, that if it's ~$500-600 I *may* consider picking it up.  Guess how much this shit was??

$22 000.  I dunno if it was CAD/USD, but it's still...$22 000.  Apparently the bezel, crown, & buckle are gold.  So what.  It's almost the same price as a fuckin' solid gold Rolex.

I think I'll pass.  This shit will probably die and become outdated before I get my few hundred dollars worth!  


posted by Stephania at 11:31 am
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