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Wednesday, April 01, 2015

No one told you
to wait

Maybe I've been watching too much of the #OWNNetwork - my Forensic File channel was cut, so OWN was the next best thing 'cause it has similar crime shoes - but I had an ah-ha (ha ha!) moment today.  So thank you, Oprah??

If you know me, you'll know that I have a Jane Job in retail that I've had for a long time. At this particular place, there are some pretty crazy, rude, crazy & rude ass people...I think more so than any other store. I've never worked at Walmart, but I can imagine they have some pretty fucked up customers as well. 

Anyway, one customer who seemed quite perturbed summoned me and said, "When is the jewelry going to be brought out...can you FIND out??!! I've been waiting for an hour!"  I've dealt with this guy before and he's an arrogant jerk who thinks he knows it all. 

So I go to the back room and ask the supervisor, quoting the customer, verbatim.  (Personally, I wanted to tell him that it was going to be a while, so he should go ahead and fuck right off!) 

The supervisor, who is a very patient individual, tells me to quell the customer by saying something ambiguous so he doesn't leave.  And she added, "No one told him to wait." 

Today, that sentence, "No one told you to wait" came to my mind and is very relevant to many things in life:

- No one told you to wait...for the right person to come along, so please don't take your loneliness and frustration on other couples who are happy

-  No one told you to wait...for your ex to suddenly wake up from his long-term relationship/marriage, realise that he made a mistake, and call you up

- No one told you to wait...until the right job opportunity to come along, so don't complain about the current job that you're in, how you hate so-and-so at work, or the terrible things that they're making you do 

- No one told you to wait...for you to put yourself first, so stop blaming others, including yourself for being out of shape and eating crap 


There's nothing I can't stand more than complainers because it's a form of passive-aggressiveness which is passive.  They're not happy people, so no one around them is allowed to be happy.  It's totally negative and no one has time for that!  <-- even="" font="" make="" nor="" should="" they="" time.="">

When I eventually write a self-help/autobiography, maybe the title of my book - or at least one chapter - will be:  No one told you to wait.


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