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Thursday, September 10, 2015

The Nicole Arbour
Fat Shaming Vid

I was thinking of deleting my blog, but for this sole reason, I'm glad that it's still around.

Facebook is messed up.  I know each and every one of the "friends" on my list and I can't post an opinion without someone thinking that it's "offensive".  I'm on Twitter, but don't really 'get' it, so I barely use it.  Instagram doesn't really do rants well.  And I'm too old to figure out #Snapchat...which sorta sounds like something that webcam girls do!

I don't really follow this comedienne, but someone did post a rant of hers about "Do Nothing Bitches".  I don't need to expand on this topic as it's exactly what the title entails.

Anyway, I believe she should be able to say whatever she wants and not apologise for it.  If she thinks fat shaming is a fake term and that they just make bad choices, BIG.freakin'.DEAL.  Excluding any medical conditions, she's probably right!  And the people who are fat seem to have a lot of excuses as to why they're that way, re:  genetics, they're too busy to workout, just had a baby, etc.  I know because I watch Extreme Weight Loss.

I'm also writing this 'cause I kinda hafta agree with her!  ;)


posted by Stephania at 5:50 pm
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