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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Topshop/Topmanin Toronto??

(Minus the neon sign in the background, you'd think that you step foot inside H&M!!! Ack. Just what we all need...another H&M-type store.)

Starting this Fall, The Bay (Queen St.) will be carrying Topshop/Topman merch. Not sure about the specifics, quantity, price points, etc., but I hope that they'll give it more of a fighting chance than poor Material Girl

When I heard this on the news yesterday, I was uber-excited. However, since then, my excitement has waned mainly due to how Material Girl was turned out and that fact that it's...The Bay.

(Readers, you know how I feel about buying clothes at department stores - these stores, period!)

The second culprit to my quashed excitement is the question of WHO. Namely, who the fuck will determine/edit the line that'll eventually make it onto the racks??!! Obviously The Bay has a ve$ted interest in hosting Topshop/Topman in-house, hence no stand-alone store, which means limited space, so not everything will make it 'across the pond'. So who'll be the buyer, a 50yo stay-at-home who'd be a perfect candidate for Style By Jury? <-- I *love* this show, btw.

Although I welcome another player on our field of stale fashions, I am very skeptical about the results. I guess it'll be a case of wait 'n see... Click here to read the news story, courtesy of CTV British Columbia. Booyah, BC take that...we're finally getting something before you are!!!

Btw, I completely disagree with the author's quote that Topshop is "cheap-chic". I just visited their women's tops section and a sleeveless blouse is 38GBP = just under $60CAD which I wouldn't consider "cheap".


posted by Stephania at 3:34 pm
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