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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

r u 4 realz?:JEGGINGS???

I don't mean to shit on Corey Haim's memory, but I feel as though there's a pressing fashion matter at hand: jeggings, a.k.a. jean leggings OR wtf. I wrote about denim print leggings here, but this is something entirely different, actual jeans that are as tight as leggings. And here I thought that the Skinny was dying...

I'm not sure where this trend originated, but usually, it comes from Hollywood and spreads east. And apparently, it was lurking about as early as Fall 2009, but I guess I missed that train...wreck!

Allz I know is that it's not universally flattering. Sorry random fashion victim! -->

Trends are not necessarily started, but they're definitely noticed on women with a certain body type that like a small percentage of us have.

The fashion machine then cranks out these looks in order to make $money$. Unfortunately, we are the ones who end up looking the fool! Well, not me 'cause I have a puffy pussy and know that jeggings will reveal my major camel-toe, fo' shizzle yo!

I told a stylist, who was trying to convince me about jeggings, about my "problem" and she said that that just meant I had to go 1 size up. Umm...no, I just think that it means that I shouldn't induce a yeast infection or further exacerbate my micropeen with jeggings!


P.S. Don't google images of "micropenis". It's woeful!


posted by Stephania at 11:44 pm
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