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Tuesday, March 09, 2010

I got my Ciak!

You know how I mentioned that I couldn't find a planner here, well today, I received my first ever Ciak! It's sorta like Italy's answer to Moleskine.

I do have one of those Five Star velcro planners kickin' 'round, waiting for a refill, but it's waaay too bulky for me to carry!

Handmade in Italy, or at least that's what's embossed on the leather-like cover, this particular Ciak 2010 planner is shorter and fatter to its Moleskine counterpart. As soon as I read "shorter and fatter", I decided against the Moleskine. Design-wise, I like things on the stubby, and overall smaller side. It's either that or long and narrow.

Another difference between Ciak Vs. Moleskine is that the round, as opposed to flat on the Moleskine, elastic band goes horizontally across the book in order to accommodate a pen.

Ciak planners+notebooks come in an array of vivid colours. I got the red! And now, to really get my 2010 underway, I just need to get a pen that's up to snuff too! If there weren't that many pen stealers lurking 'bout, I'd get a fountain pen.

Here's to 2010...soo excited!

P.S. The above photo was ripped off the 'net. HELL NO 2 DA PC!


posted by Stephania at 2:23 pm
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