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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Update: Romanian White Wine

As the last hurrah of Summer, I celebrated by tracking down a bottle of Cotnari's Feteasca Alba that I blogged about here.

The bottles were immediately displayed as I entered Vintages. (Great! - no need to ask for the non-existent customer service at the LCBO/figure out what part of the world Romania is located.) However, right on top of the Fetwhatever was another white wine by Cotnari, the Tamâioasa Româneasca. <-- direct cut 'n paste. Decisions, decisions.

I took a chance and asked the cashier if he knew anything about these Romanian white wines. He said he didn't, I wasn't surprised, but he summoned his coworker who did+was Romanian. The store actually orders a lot from this winery because of this Romanian employee. She said that both wines are good, but the Tamwhatever was fuller bodied, sweeter, so I decided to give it a shot!

If you like your wines on the sweeter side, like I do, I highly recommend the TamRom. The sweetness reminded me of ice wine 'cept less thick in consistency. According to the LCBO website, it's supposed to be enjoyed with dessert.

Btw, the site that I ripped this pic from was called "Dracula Wine" = AWESOME.


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