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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Romanian White Wine

Blogging is random. Sometimes I blog to vent, when I'm bored, share random dis/likes, etc. Sometimes it's even a reminder to myself, sorta like a Post-It.

Anyway, I'm not sure what the actual bottle looked like 'cause I ordered this wine by the glass. When I do drink, not as often as I used to, I tend to lean towards red wine. (I actually don't enjoy beer. Can't get into it.) However, since I was having chicken, red would've been too rich, so I ordered the Feteasea alba from Romania.

As I don't know too much about wines, I actually read about it on a review for the resto itself. I just drink 'em and either accept or reject it at that point. I'm not into using buzz words like "woody" or "floral bouquet", but I think it's all about personal taste. I do know that I'm not into "dry", but more "sweet" wines.)

As soon as I ordered the Romanian white, the waiter's eyes lit up. I commented on his facial gesture in which he responded, "Good choice! It's just that no one orders it." Then I stated, "Then why don't you recommend it?" The waiter said, "I do, but if they don't like it..."

(Waitstaff how no idea how powerful their recommendations are. I tend to ask and subsequently take their advice frequently!)

The waiter then went on this long tirade about how this is the only wine imported from Romania, how they don't want to import anything more to Canada, etc. etc. Not sure how accurate this is because I looked it up, by country of origin, on the LCBO website and there are at least 4 different wines available.

Surprisingly, it's only $13.85/bottle at the wine store...that's a heckuva lot better than $7/glass! If you can find it, it's highly recommended.

I may partake in it during what remains of the Summer.


posted by Stephania at 11:36 pm
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