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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Hervé Fall Collection, get it?

Fall, as in fall down and go 'boom'? Enough with the puns. I hate puns.

New to-do in life: Be front-row at a couture fashion show where models are forced to walk in ridiculously towering stilettos - no platform cop-out - paired off with skin tight clothing, especially close to the legs, and at least 1 model falls down!

Anyway, I received my new Hervé bandage dress yesterday. However, my excitement is hampered as I can't even bring myself to rip the envelope open! Reason: I am slightly bigger than the model pictured.

Beth Ditto, Beth Ditto.

Good news though! Thanks to my nephew+the wishy-washy weather, I am fighting my second bout with the flu.

This time 'round, my appetite hasn't completely gone and I can still smell, but I am determined that the coughing is a form of undiscovered isometrics. Maybe I'll have something - not a disease - named after me?

What a timely diet, if I do say so myself!

Depending on how closely I resemble Beth Ditto, pics may follow. May, as in MAYBE.


posted by Stephania at 2:25 pm
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