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Friday, March 27, 2015


Announcement:  I'm on #Instagram...sorta.

Today, it was a decision of either study for something mega boring (*yawn*) OR figure out how Insta works so I can make some $$$ while cleaning out my closet at the same time.  And guess what I choose?  You guys know me so well.  ;)

I've been opposed to the idea of this popular photo sharing site 'cause it brings to mind KUWTK - I don't watch, btw - or chicks taking trashy selfies.  (Sorry to disappoint, if that's what you think I was gonna do!)  However, a friend reminded me that Insta's becoming the new way to list your stuff and sell sorta like eBay.  I kinda came across this concept a few months ago, but I guess it didn't 'click' at the time.

(I've fallen out of love with eBay.  It still may be my preferred method to buy, but def not sell!  I've gotten screwed over soo many times as a seller that it's not even funny!  Plus, their fees don't really justify the lack of justice for scammy buyers who seem to be in abundance on that site.  These people take advantage of that "Money Back Guarantee".)

And tonight, I'm gonna get a younger coworker to give me a tutorial 'cause after hours of fiddling with it and uploading a few pics, I still didn't quite get all the features.  Plus, for all those non-Instagram users, you CANNOT upload pics directly from your laptop, so I also hafta figure that out later on.

Once I've mastered this new-to-me form of social media, I'm definitely gonna use it to my advantage on my other "project".  And TRUST ME, I may be the first to delve into this idea and that makes me soo excited!!!

For those of you who have missed me, I've missed writing too.  I'm okay, just busy with other forms of social media and hafta get some specific learning out of the way, before I can focus on writing again.

I'm looking forward to getting back into doing what I love...writing!

Stay tuned and here's to me not feeling like a complete
of Instagram!


posted by Stephania at 12:44 am
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