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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Patti, you've lost
that lovin' feeling.

The latest season, Season 8, of The Millionaire Matchmaker is such a total flop.

First of all, they completely revamped the format of the show.  The beginning seems like you're watching Intervention.  There's a camera set-up in a studio and the person sitting in front of the camera seems like they're revealing their deepest, darkest secret.  In reality, they're just stating the facts, re:  their name, age, why they're looking for "love" now, etc.

Secondly, every.  single.  "millionaire" is either a recycled reality "star" OR a direct relative of a former reality "star".  So far, some Manzo son has been on it, a 21yo daughter - wth does she need Patti's help?? - of some crazy Jewish lady from some Housewives show, and then Spencer's (of Heidi & Spencer "fame") sister.

(Sorry, I realise that my description of these people is piss-poor, but I honestly never paid any mind to any of these shows...even at their hype.  So there's my excuse!)

And because these are people from other reality shows, this automatically makes me question their credibility.  Ok, not credibility, but I doubt their sincerity.  None of these "millionaires" seem authentic to me.  Wait - they technically may not even qualify to be part of the "millionaires club", as Patti calls it, 'cause I don't even think they're millionaires!

And if they're millionaires, what the fuck am I doing with my life?  How come I don't have my own show to bankroll my life??

Thirdly - and yes, there are more reasons this show is going downhill - the audition process is practically eliminated.  No more on-camera weeding out of famewhores; instead, they get a personal invite to the Millionaire Mixer!

That's fine and completely understandable that Patti no longer wants to incorporate her own romantic relationship on her show, but the numerous other changes to the show are making things take a nosedive.

The Millionaire Matchmaker has now become yet another show that's on in the background while I play Candy Crush!


posted by Stephania at 11:52 pm
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