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Monday, November 24, 2014

90 Day Fiancé, A Psychoanalysis
(Season 2)

Winter is my time to hibernate and one of the few shows that I actually pay attention to is TLC's 90 Day Fiancé.

Since I haven't been writing lately, I felt compelled to psychoanalyse the couples from Season 2 and give my predictions as to whether or not they'll survive... 

Daya, 29 (Phillipines) & Brett 31 (somewhere in WA)

Will they make it?  Sure, why not.  Brett has no spine and seems to need a strong woman in his life.

Struggle:  Brett's bratty daughter, Cassidy.  She's like 7yo or something and he has her for the Summer, making Daya an "insta-mom".  (If either Brett or Daya mouths that term again, I'll scream!)  Brett doesn't know how to give his daughter boundaries or say "no", so she's sorta spoiled and does not respect Daya or even Brett for that matter.

Yamir, 28 (Nicaragua) & Chelsea, 25 (Galesburg, IL??)

Will they make it?  Yes, I think so.  This couple is soo sweet.

Struggle:  Back in his home country, Yamir was a huge pop star and Chelsea took him away from all that to live in some smalltown outside of Chicago, IL.  Yamir is still determined to make it in the music biz, in the US, but he was basically told that he has to move to Chicago in order to succeed.  After being away from home for so long, will Chelsea move away from home yet again to help Yamir achieve his dream??

Mohamed, 26 (Tunisia) & Danielle, 41 (Norwalk, OH)

Will they survive?  HELL NO.  That simple.  First, there's a huge age gap.  And second, Danielle is an emotional wreck.  There is also a huge cultural difference with Mohamed being Muslim and Danielle's family seem to be rednecks who don't get why he doesn't eat piggy. 

Struggle:  The couple wasn't on last night's episode, but in the preview, Mohamed basically founds out that Danielle is flat-ass broke.  (Danielle has hidden this from Mohamed because she was afraid that he'd leave her as soon as he found out.)  Mohamed seems like a sweet guy who has come to the US for the right reasons, but c'mon!  He didn't leave North Africa to be broke in the States.

Cassia, 23 (Brazil) & Jason, 38 (Spring Hill, FL)

Will they survive?  Questionable.  Cassia is young and quite tempermental.  And although Jason is 38, he seems to be a manchild.

Struggle:  Cassia expected Spring Hill to be a bigger, more happenin' city, but in reality, it's a small town consisting of primarily retirees.  She also likes to wear g-string bikinis while Jason wants her to cover-up and be more conservative.  I think she also thought Jason was more established than he really is.  He sells stuff on eBay and he still lives at home with his gay dad.

Justin, 34 (San Diego, CA) & Evelin, 29 (Colombia)

Will they survive?  Depends on Evelin can tolerate Justin 'cause I think he's a total douchebag, and a bit of a chauvinist.

Struggle:  Justin never told any of his friends or family that he was engaged to Evelin and then he gets offended when they're shocked.  Now Justin just wants to elope, causing even more of a rift in his family.  Evelin, on the other hand, is all about family, but it seems like she's more submissive, letting Justin call the shots!

Danny, 23 (Norristown, PA) & Amy, 21 (South Africa)

Will they survive?  They're both very young, but I hope so.

Struggle:  They're both virgins, choosing to remain celibate until the day of their wedding night.  (Ladies, gents, we all know this isn't an idea sitch, but I guess "ignorance is bliss"/"what you don't know, won't hurt you".)  Danny is sorta naive and never really thought of how Amy would spend her days while he works at his family's construction business all day long.  And despite being religious, Danny's dad is apparently racist and may potentially have a problem with their "interracial relationship".  I can't believe this is still an issue...anywhere! 


posted by Stephania at 9:02 pm
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