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Monday, June 09, 2014

Day 1:
Field Trip 2014

As a part of my winning streak - not sure if you'd qualify one night as a 'streak' - I won a pair of weekend passes to Field Trip, a.k.a. The Canadian Coachella...with a more chill, shoegazery playlist of bands - except for f*cked up.  They're a different story.  ;)

Thank you, Yelp Toronto!

(Weekend Passes were $125, so this isn't something that I'd pay to go to.  Single Day Passes were just under $80, including a service charge, so it ain't exactly a cheap affair!  Not to mention the $9 tallboys, average $10 trip to the food trucks, and $14 for parking.)

Due to some conflicts on Saturday, I missed Half Moon Run :( and Vance Joy :(((.  I was only able to catch the last act and headliner, Interpol who I just stayed for the sake of participating in at least 1 thing that day!  

Festival-wise, Saturday was more or less a write-off for me.

Here's a clip of a BIG, hunk of an Aussie with a small ukelele...

Vance Joy
"Riptide" (acoustic)

I'm currently uploading clips from CHVRCHES performance, so stay tuned to Day 2 of Field Trip...


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