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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Day 2:
Field Trip

As promised, here's some footage of CHVRCHES during the second day of Field Trip.  At a quick glance of the schedule, including the night's headliner, Broken Social Scene, CHVRCHES was the only band that I just had to catch!

(BSS was at the height of their popularity with the release of their '02 album, We Forgot It In People, but I just stopped following them shortly thereafter.  2002 was eons ago and they just don't speak to me anymore.  Plus, it was chilly and rainy and I wasn't dressed properly!)

The first clip is of their last year's hit, The Mother We Share.

The second clip is of Martin Doherty doing his thang.  Don't ask me the name of this song. I don't know the band super well, so I was just caught off-guard by his performance/energy...which was a good thing!

I was actually surprised by the sheer number of male fans that this group had who knew the words to every song.  I dunno why, perhaps it's because the lead singer, Lauren Mayberry has such a delicate, girly voice?

Aside from CHVRCHES + poutine from The Poutine Machine food truck - it was o-k - that was 'bout it for Day 2.  I knew about the rain, but I had not anticipated it being soo chilly and I was wearing a sundress.  So I had an umbrella, but nothing really covering my shoulders, aside from a thin, muslin scarf, or legs.

The day was a bit miserable and with its grayness also toned down the Festival costumes.  Other than a whole group of tweens dressing alike, I did not see a whole lot of fashion faux-pas.  Maybe that's a good thing?

Most of the festival goers were dressed as though they were camping.  So it was pretty chill/dullsville.

Until next year?  Line-up dependent that is...


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