Rage Against Suburban Zombie-ism
Tuesday, May 27, 2014

You mean I
missed 'em again??

(The sakuras at High Park have sorta been my personal Polkaroo.  Thank God there's the internet, the Park's website, and an update of the developments.)

Firstly, this is not me and my significant other.

Secondly, why does it look as though he's giving her the Heimlich maneuver?  And she's gonna toss her noodles at any moment now??  Not sexy or loving people.

Anyway, I have never seen the elusive cherry blossoms at High Park.  And apparently, they're already GONE.  A few week's back, I was checking the park's website and it explained that due to the harsh Winter, the flowers had not bloomed yet.

And now?  They are done, gone, dead, fallen off, withered away.

I guess it's kinda like our weather though.  Long, cold Winter, then BAM...suddenly Summer.


posted by Stephania at 3:42 pm
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