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Monday, February 17, 2014

Ellen Page =
chica mi tipo

So Ellen Page recently came out during a conference for LGBTQ youth.  More of the acronym later.

Her announcement really got me questioning my own sexuality because I find her very attractive.  If I bumped into her...somewhere...and we clicked...she would totally be my girlfriend 'cept for one small issue...

I just don't think I can do it.  Receive - ok.  Do - a whole other story.  I guess I'm not a lesbian after all...

Now onto 'LGBTQ'
I was aware of Lesbian-Gay-Bi-Transgendered, but where did this extra 'Q' come from and when was it added??  Does it stand for 'Queer', 'Questioning' or other?

The aim of the LGBTQ community is to be inclusive, right?  How about 'Transexual', 'Hermaphrodite', 'Seemingly normal middle-aged men who try on panties/pantyhose/bras' or does that fall under 'Q'?  No disrespect, but when will they stop adding letters to this acronym?  


posted by Stephania at 9:00 pm
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