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Thursday, January 02, 2014

This was weird,

I really tried to avoid the whole Dick Clark who was disguised as Ryan Seacrest and was flanked by either Jenny McCarthy aaand Fergie - so there was truly no where safe for my eyes to take refuge, but it was inevitable.  :(  Despite the Rogers V.I.P. Package, a.k.a. for suckers who don't know the real value of $$$, I just couldn't find a countdown for T.O.!

So unfortunately, I had to catch last night's mess of a closing credits of 2013, personally a somewhat weird year for me anyway.

(I really hope that that Russian saying about how you spend your New Year's is an indication of how your upcoming year will be = NOT true tho'!)

Despite Jenny's awkward attempt to showboat Ryan Seacrest, a.k.a. the only host in America, I wish you all the best for 2014!


posted by Stephania at 12:05 am
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