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Friday, January 31, 2014

Happy Year of
the Horse!

It's that time again.  Every Chinese person knows that when they see Black Sea Penises, a.k.a. Sea Cucumbers, our New Year is 'round the corner!

New Year's Eve - Family Gathering
If your family is really traditional, you should've all gathered last night for a family dinner with what White people would consider "strange lookin'" foods.  See above.  According to my mom, this gathering is pretty important.

CNY's Food 
Here's a list of other stuff that's eaten during Chinese New Year and the symbolism behind each item via HuffPo.  (I flipped through the slideshow and it sounds pretty legit!)  Basically each item represents wealth, health, prosperity, long life, etc. etc.

New Year's Day - Superstition
Today, you shouldn't shower/wash your hair/take a bath 'cause you'll be washing away all your luck!

& most importantly, for those of you who follow, or are just curious as I am, here's a brief overview of what The Year of the Horse holds for you!

I just assumed that if it's 'your year', re:  if you're a Horse and it's the year of the Horse, then there's already lotsa prosperity in store or you.  However, I was corrected and it's not a particularly lucky year if your Chinese astrological sign corresponds with the year.

Year of the Horse...for the Snake
This is more of a personal reminder, but I've scanned a few websites and as a Snake, I'll experience better luck and more financial stability in career this year.  Also I may face some 'opponents' who'll try to take what I have (??).  And there is some looming illness in store for me, but I should get over it quickly.  

Wait...doesn't this sound like any other year?


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