Rage Against Suburban Zombie-ism
Saturday, January 11, 2014

After suffering from the flu for the past few days, I think I've learned a thing or two about anorexia and I don't like it. The constant rumblin' of the tummy, nearly gagging as you attempt to even put the slightest morsel of food in your mouth, and just the overall bitchiness that comes with not eating/drinking like a normal human being.

I would never be able to purposely be an ano tho' 'cause I like eating too much.  The loss of appetite is probably one of the worst symptoms, aside from the feeling of malaise, entire body aches 'n pains, coughing, etc. etc.

Having said all this, having the flu was like the best diet ever!  I lost 7-10lbs in 4 days.  And it definitely did not involve any form of exercise whatsoever!


posted by Stephania at 5:05 pm
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