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Monday, December 16, 2013

What ever happened to
Thora Birch??

I was watching Ghost World (2002) last night and I wondered what happened to Thora Birch?  You know, the spawn of 2 porn stars who both starred in the '72 Deep Throat??

Anyway, I didn't hafta did that deep, but I came across a coupla posts within the last year.  This wetpaint article claims that Thora was fired from an off-broadway production of Dracula 'cause of her dadager, Jack Birch.  That and other posts that I've read suggests that Thora's dad's antics, re:  insisting he be present during her sex scenes, have cost her a few gigs.

And just last year, Thora apparently went shopping at The Grove, as captured here on the Daily Mail.  

Thora, if you're reading this, please fire your father and go back to making movies!  I miss you...


posted by Stephania at 9:51 pm
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