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Monday, December 09, 2013

No, I assure you that
you are not.

file under:  eBay stories

It's been a while since I've had one of these, but it was just inevitable.

I get this message from jerkie*  stating that the Lululemon top, my Lulu top, that she just received is more like a size 4 - NOT 6-8 as I stated in my listing.  Apparently her "sized-4 friend" tried it on and it fits her.  She wants a refund.

I respond to jerkie, standing behind my sizing.  I explain to her that I am in NO WAY a Lulu-4, so the top is as stated, a 6-8.  

If she's not happy, I'll send her a refund for what she initially paid, re:  purchase price + shipping, once I receive the merchandise back, of course.  I told her that she'd be responsible for return shipping.

Within the hour, jerkie then opens a fuckin' eBay case against me, claiming that I "mislabeled" my merchandise and item "was not as described". 

I messaged jerkie to ask why she opened up a case.  She says, "just got off phone with eBay ... since you mislabeled shirt my request for shipping refund will be given if case is reviewed. nice try ... next time don't be so nasty".  

"Nasty"??  When was I nasty to her?  Sure, I thought that her fatass was thinking that she was a 6-8, but she's at least a 10, but I never verbalised it! 

I respond to the case and ask jerkie to send the item back via USPS.  I didn't want to argue about 10 measly dollars.  (And I was certainly not about to pay for FedEx/Purolator or other courier services!!!)  She thanks me and asks for my mailing address.

A coupla days go by...

And I receive neutral feedback.  Neutral.  Excuse me??  I agreed to a refund, which I normally don't give AND to pay for your return shipping, on a top which, btw was $20, and you leave me NEUTRAL FEEDBACK???  This bitch is an inexperienced, whiny, spoiled brat who is in complete denial about her weight!!!  

Our transaction is not even complete yet, so technically, if I want to be vindictive, I can just not send her back any money.  Period.

I contact jerkie, asking her why she left me a rather premature, neutral comment, and this was her response, "feedback doesn't matter ... you can call eBay and have it removed .
I'm in hospital. .. will send when out . sorry for the inconvenience"

"Feedback doesn't matter"??  How about some integrity, re:  doing what is right, values??!!  Did your parents not teach you that?  As far as I can remember, mine didn't, but I still know right from wrong and try to aim for more right than wrong.

And as far as "I'm in hospital", I never asked you about your current location.  Furthermore, I don't give an eff.  You can be standing in front of Lucifer himself and I wouldn't bail you out!

Stupid people should be banned from using the internet.  On second thought, who would entertain me/make me laugh then??

***Update:  I was responding to jerkie's neutral, writing something kinda mean, and my mom's cat jumped on my keyboard...sending the comment.  Oops!  :S ***

*  a play on her eBay username, but it works.


posted by Stephania at 10:23 pm
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