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Monday, November 25, 2013

Worst People To Bring 

Bring Bill Wisth. Although something tells me that I, and the majority of you, may not be able to keep up with him...which isn't necessarily a bad thing!

Buffets, AYCEs may seem like a good idea at the time, but shortly after consumption, it is almost always a bad idea.  Very bad and even worse, depending on the type of food, re:  of the fried/greasy variety.

Anyways, there is a bit of selection involved in WHO to bring to specifically an all-you-can-eat 'cause you're essentially sharing the food.  As opposed to a buffet where everyone serves themselves and is responsible for their own plates.  Here are the people to NOT bring to an AYCE...

Vegetarians/Peeps with lotsa dietary restrictions/Picky Eaters.  Not fun and probably will taste horrible.  Since these people are usually smaller, they probably won't be able to eat their entire order, so guess who's left to pick up the slack of their veggie, gluten-free sushi rolls?  Gross.

People who can't grasp the concept of numbers/portions, re:  2-4-6-8 pieces.  Me:  Mom, I'm going to order you a spicy salmon handroll.  Next think you know, 2 X 6 pieces each of spicy salmon maki shows up at the table.  And guess who has to eat both?? 

People who don't listen.  See above explanation.

People whose "eyes are bigger than their stomachs", a.k.a. Greedy People.  These people are too enthusiastic about the ordering portion, but not so much when it comes to the eating portion. 

Kids.  Obvious reasons.  Kids are generally bad guests at any restaurant 'cause they distract you from getting your groove on and take away the joy of dining out.

NONE of these individuals will take one (or 2 or 3) for the team!  Worse people to bring to the buffet.  Ever.


posted by Stephania at 4:22 pm
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