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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Winter =

Above image taken from rollingstuff blog.  Click here for the actual post on the opera scarf.

Today, I rocked menswear. And I'll probably be rockin' menswear 'til Spring.  No joke.  Winter is the roughest season to be feminine.  

I just don't know how some women can still wear heels.  I haven't any of seen these unicorn women in real life - only in magazines 'n tv shows, but I'm sure they exist, just probably not here.

In the dead of Summer, I became obsessed with opera scarves.  (I know, my mind works backwards sometimes.)  I was looking for a scarf with a patterned silk layer and a warmer, wool layer.  I ended up with 2 different patterned, light/mid-weight scarves, but unfortunately, they're both black.  :(  Not a huge disappointment, but I really wanted a neutral other than black since Winter seems primarily about black, black, and MORE BLACK!

Since I'm currently not taking any business meetings, I don't wear blazers much.  So instead, I'm wearing my opera scarves underneath cardigans.  I love the look of the 2 bottom pics that features various layers of different colours and patterns.

(What really sucks about Winter is that it's too cold to wear sunglasses.  Total Dragon's Den idea, don't steal it!)

Aside from the opera scarves, I also like vintage fedoras and newsboys this time of year.  And no Winter outfit would be complete without sportin' a pair of
sexy wool socks!!!

I don't hike, ski, or do other Winter sports, but I appreciate warm 'n dry feet n' toes.


posted by Stephania at 7:30 pm
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