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Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Phoenix's"Trying To Be Cool"
I'm on the hunt for new &/or new-old gym tunes!

File this Phoenix track under: Something new-ish.  And don't even ask me about what's goin' on in the bridge of this video 'cause I really dun know!

Dunno why I never paid attention to them before, but I should seriously get their album. Also really like their Japanese-y song, "Entertainment".  Although the vid confuses me 'cause it plays out more like a Korean drama.

Sofia Coppola married smart and cool!  I would also have a child with Thomas Mars.  I approve!

Something old?  Bob Seger's "Night Moves".  LOVE THIS SONG.

Something borrowed?  The Cool Kids' "A Little Bit Cooler":
Aww you judging me dog? Please you shop at the mall
Me? I shop at boutiques, limited quantity sneaks
Where do these quantities be? Maybe they all on my feet (I don't know)
But I don't get it though, about a year ago
You said my gear was whack, nigga now my gear is dope?  

LOVE/can absolutely relate to!

Why borrowed?  I realise how I appear on the outside, but on the inside, I'm all 'hood!

Something blue?  I don't have a holder for my iPod, so I stick it under my bra strap.  And sometimes it falls.  :(   

Not sure how people can workout sans music.  Even with my tunes blastin', the obese man who constantly takes up space on a machine while playin' Candy Crush on his cell AND the manorexic dude who is runnin', full force on the treadmill even before I arrive and is still there after I leave, irks the shit outta me!!!

Something I hafta checkout?  M.I.A.'s new album, Matangi which she leaked on YouTube.  Click here to listen to it, track by track!


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