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Sunday, November 10, 2013

Hot Bitch of the Day:
Philipp Kirkorov

No, it's not a Bollywood star, but Russia's "Ricky Martin"...*cough, cough* more like Liberace!

PhiliPP graced my screen with his glamore as one of the guest judges on last night's Miss Universe pageant as scene here...

Steven Tyler was a close second, but we've all acclimatised to his self-fucked mug.

Honourable mentions goes out to Emin Agalarov, Azerbaijan's answer to Enrique Iglesias.  But how could I make fun of a singer/songwriter/businessman/commercial director for his daddy's company, a Russian oligarch?

Speaking of all these Russians, I'm having a helluva time trying to find Meet The Russians, FoxUK's answer to The Real Russian Housewives of Britain!


posted by Stephania at 11:56 am
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