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Friday, October 18, 2013

WTF Happened To
Lara Flynn Boyle's Face??

Normally, I'd be the first person to make fun of bad plastic surgery, especially when it's done on a celebrity. After all, wouldn't someone who has the financial means be able to get the best of the best plastic surgeon??  Even if they're aren't the richest of celebrities, can't they at least find out WHERE certain celebs got their work done by asking 'round OR get their publicist to do the asking?

Re:  Don't ask Meg Ryan's publicist.

These recent pics of Lara Flynn Boyle at some market, with her mother, are just sad.  At 43yo, NO ONE should look like this unless they've gone through some serious health problems.  Jack Nicholson's ex actually looks as though she has had some sort of stroke or something.  Whatever the case may be, I'm sure the cigs don't help any!  Click here to see the rest of the pics, courtesy of Daily Mail, a.k.a. my fav website.

In her heyday, she sorta looked Winona Ryder-esque.  Does anyone remember her in How I Got Into College (1989)??


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