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Monday, October 28, 2013

"The Lines You Amend"
Last week, I saw them play at a small-ish venue. I'm a fan, but not a good one 'cause I only have like 1 (One Cord To Another, 1996) out of 10+ of their albums. On top of that, I couldn't do the sing-a-alongs during the concert.  

(That's really bad 'cause it seems that my brain only holds onto useless info like song lyrics!)

Although I'm definitely no hardcore groupie, I do like them!  Btw, they've been together for 20 years+.

I don't like The Beatles - gasp! - but their influence on Sloan is particularly evident on this track as with "Everything You've Done Wrong" and "The Rest of My Life", among others.

Aside from being Beatles-esque, they're also quintessentially Canadian/East Coast.  I don't know how to explain it, but lead singer, Chris Murphy defines this pretty well:  no pretense, sorta goofy/dorky, easy-go-lucky.

While watching Sloan, I thought to myself 2 things:
1.  Boy, these guys are really lucky to be doing something that they enjoy...for as long as they have, and;
2.  Why do some (Canadian) bands, e.g.  Arcade Fire, blow up, getting a meteoric rise to fame while others kinda just do their thang, have a "cult" following, and stay local??

Just some random thoughts/intro to a Canadian band who you may/not have heard of.


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