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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Kaia Naturals
Nature's Matte Finish Review

I've had these samples for a few months now, but as with all skin/hair care, it takes me a while to make a fair assessment before I can actually write a review.

Kaia Naturals' Nature's Matte Finish first caught my attention at the local Whole Foods.  The above pic is one of the actual samples (2 - Face Cream/Primers, an Eye Cream/Primer, a Booster Serum) that I received, but the in-store set-up looks more like that below...

If you are into makeup at all, aside from BB/CC Creams, Primer has been a hot product for quite some time now.

Although I like the idea of applying a base that not only smoothes over those "nooks 'n crannies" AND makes foundation adhere/appear even more flawless, I've been skeptical to commit to anything with silicone in it.  This is especially true when the silicone is applied topically.  

I don't know the exact implications of applying a chemical adhesive/lubricant to your skin and I don't think I want to find out!

The only primer that I have tried was a sample of a Sephora Collection one (contains silicone such as dimethicone) and it made me break out and usually, my skin isn't sensitive.

So now that I've primed you, let's get to the review...

Kaia's Nature's Matte Finish line pulls double-duty as both a moisturizer + primer, and as per their advertisement, you will not find:  silicone, gluten (for GI peeps??), parabens (preservatives), or polymers.  In addition, their products are cruelty-free vegan.  Good to know!  

Although it's not in a specific order, there is a list of ingredients posted for each and every one of their products.  Their key ingredients are moringa & argan oil, vitamins C & E, & aloe juice among other things.

Currently, I'm working in an environment where I, unfortunately, will end up shiny at the end of the day.  (And on top of that, if the weather is hot, double the shine!)  So I did literally put the "Matte Finish" to the test and it passed with flying colours!!!  By the end of the day, my complexion was not shiny as it usually is with my regular moisturizer.

If you have a problem with shine, yet still need to moisturize their skin (who doesn't?), the 24hr Face Cream/Primer is a solid product that addresses both of those concerns, especially during the warmer months.  An added bonus was that I didn't feel as though I was wearing a mask or had a film on my face that I had to scrub off as soon as I got back from work!

Since I'm going the more natural route now, with both my skin + makeup routine, I haven't had the opportunity to test-drive the Primer portion of the products, i.e. I haven't used it as a base for a full face of foundation!  However, since their Face Cream/Primer eliminates shine/oil, I'm gonna guess that it'll be a decent job of keeping on foundation.

24hr Booster Serum Shot - For anyone who isn't familiar with Serums, you can use it in conjunction with your moisturizer to help further moisturise your skin.  I mixed the Serum + Face Cream/Primer at night just before bedtime...when I need moisturising the most.   

As with any skin care, upon initial use, I saw more changes in the beginning.  With time, my skin just got use to the product and I saw less dramatic effect with each use.  I think this is completely normal, so that's why you hafta change-up your skin care routine every so often.

24hr Eye Cream/Primer - Again, I don't use much eye makeup, but I do have oily lids.  (Some waterproof mascara doesn't even withstand the day on me!)  I've only used this particular sample twice, but it did ward off the oil, so it'll probably work as a Primer.  

I'm actually hoping that I'll be able to use the rest of the Eye Cream/Primer sample on my face as my Face Cream/Primer is runnin' low.  I'm sure the basic ingredients are about the same!  ;)

As the weather has now changed, and is still currently a bit unstable, I find my skin is adjusting as well.  So right now, I need even more moisturising than is provided in the Face Cream/Primer.  (I ran out of the Serum sample, so I'm just using a heavier moisturizer and what's left of the Face Cream/Primer.)  However, if your skin isn't as dry as mine is and you're in the market for a natural solution to moisturising + primer, Kaia Naturals' Nature's Matte Finish will definitely do the job!

P.S.  I'd like to thank Kaia Naturals for their patience and generosity in providing samples for this review!  Thank you.  :)        


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