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Monday, October 28, 2013

It's Canadian
& it sucks!

Over the weekend, I was pretty sad to learn that my Blackberry Curve wasn't broken.  :( A box was simply unchecked which made it seem like it was not on the network and therefore I was unable to make/receive calls or texts.

Without getting all technical, 'cause I just can't, here is why Blackberry, at least the Curve, sucks:
1.  Buttons are waaaay too small for texting &/or my fingers are obese.  Somehow I don't think it's the latter;
2.  Interface, that way the screen(s) look, is ugly 'n out-of-date;
3.  Using the internet on this thing is a complete nightmare!  Everything, especially checking email on hotmail/gmail, is not dependable.  You'll see a whole bunch of old ass emails that you've responded to and this makes me feel like I'm losing my fuckin' mind, "THIS is my latest email?",   "This is such an OLD message!" are just a coupla thoughts;
4.  Battery sucks ass (with caca stuck to it) and it's also $$$ to replace.  After sending my BB off for repairs, it came back sans battery.  And guess what?  I had to find a replacement...after convincing Fido that it was their fault - which it was.  Anyway, since technology is always changing, it was quite difficult for me to track down a battery to begin with and when I did, it was like $60-70!

In short, everything just feels dated, not innovative.  I feel like I'm using old technology that could've been 'round like 10yrs ago!

ANYWAY, I spent part of the weekend fielding suggestions about a new cell phone via various social media sites:  iPhone or Android?  What makes/models?  I even went as far as the mall where I can do some tactile research, i.e. put these phones in my hand to see what they feel like.

Based on the suggestions, here's the long short-list of phones that I should get:  iPhone, Samsung S4 (or Galaxy S2), HTC, Nexus 4 or 5, or the Moto X.  W.  T.  F.  That's basically every phone on the market!

All if not all the Samsungs were too bloody big, flat 'n boxy to handle.  I found Moto X also pretty big.  I popped into the Apple Store to take a peek at the iPhone 5S + 5C.  I thought the 5C was supposed to stand for "cheap", but at $599, sans contract, that is definitely NOT my definition of cheap!  And let's not even talk about the price tag for the 5S, 'k?

So sorta like an antimetabole, in a figure of speech, I'll repeat the beginning of this post:  I was pretty sad to learn that my Blackberry wasn't broken!


posted by Stephania at 11:29 pm
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