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Friday, October 11, 2013

Duck Beach
To Eternity Trailer

a.k.a. Mormon Spring Break Doc. 

1. FLDS, Warren Jeffs, long skirts/bonnets, and that guy who was killed by Jodi Arias (and the stuff I see on 20/20/Dateline NBC), I have no idea what Mormonism is. It might as well be a made up religion to me.  I think it's an American thing.

(Btw, their beliefs are explained at the beginning of the doc and it sounds like a complicated off-shoot of Christianity.  There is a heavy emphasis on procreating 'n shit, but NOT before marriage, blah, blah, blah.)

2. Lemme get this straight, there's absolutely NO SEX in this Duck Beach doc??!! So am I + everyone else just gonna watch it to see if anything juicy happens? 

3. You KNOW I'm gonna watch this shit anyway!!!

Update:  The doc is a total snoozer.  Majority of the peeps are vapid, Abercrombie lookin' models.  The Mormon men play it cool 'cause they have that "grass is greener" outlook with lotsa "grass" to look at/date.  While majority of the Mormon women think that 25 is old maid status and they're desperate to get married/have kids.  Boring.  No sex, very little if any flirting.  Didn't really come away learning anything new 'cept that these people seem to be walking a fine line...


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