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Saturday, October 05, 2013

Hot Bitch of the Day:
Alexander from Masterchef Junior

When my PVR accidentally started recording Masterchef JUNIOR, I was like w.t.f. is this??!!  However, I'm watching it now...even though it's a nicer, censored (a.k.a. boring) version of what the adults go through.  And no, Gordon Ramsey hasn't sworn at any of the kids yet! 

There's definitely less drama amongst the kid chefs who are aged 8-13.  They're nicer to each other and there is a sense of camaraderie as opposed to catty competition.

At first when I saw Alexander, I thought he was one of those wussy, British schoolboys who should be in a Madeline outfit, but this guy can actually cook.  In fact, he cooks 5Xs/week for his family!

Watching this show has made me want kids, NOT a baby, but KIDS who are old enough to speak, don't cry for no reason, are completely out of diapers, and can come in handy 'round the house!


posted by Stephania at 6:01 pm
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