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Sunday, September 15, 2013

Saturday Morning @
The Backyard Farm & Market

Colleen Lowe of Enfleurage Organics

With a background in aromatherapy, Colleen started her company after battling cancer.  She makes all her products at home and they're also Ecocert, certified organic.  She sells soaps, 100% argan oil, and these things called soapnuts that replaces your laundry detergent...naturally.

Enfleurage can be found at the 2 closest Whole Foods in the city or online here.

I really wanted to buy some soap and the soapnuts, but my place is bogged down with soaps 'n suds!  I'm Asian, we stockpile stuff when it's on sale.  If the choice was mine, I'd totally go natural tho'.  I don't like the idea of chemicals, especially if they're also harsh on the environment!

Dancing Bees Honey
My next stop was at Steve's stall, Dancing Bees Honey.  I toyed with the idea of being a part-time beekeeper, but as soon as Steve told me about his multiple stings, that temporary thought evaporated!

My house also stockpiles honey - as it never rots :) - but I bought a small jar anyway.  A nice change from Billy Bee.

"The Labyrinth"
After my chat with Steve, we were summoned to "walk the labyrinth".  I didn't know exactly what that was, but I followed the group of mainly vendors and other brave people who were milling 'bout to the field.

And here it is...The Labyrinth!  (No, it's not a pet cemetery.)  The idea behind the walk is that it's a silent meditation.

Before you start on your journey, you pick up a small rock, place all your fears/worries onto that rock, and drop it anywhere you want along the maze.

I felt a bit hokey, but I did it anyway!

Here's a pic of what you would normally associate with a "Farmer's Market".

When I was young, my mom would take me & my sibs to them all.  the.  time.  I didn't appreciate it at the time, but now I do!

My mom actually doesn't go to them anymore 'cause she says that the grocery store is cheaper.  I guess she doesn't know the value in buying local produce.

Gee, I wished that we had more Cali-produce.  I really miss Oroblancos + various nuts!

Next, we have one of the few food stands at this Farmer's Market, de la terre bakery. They specialise in organic baked goods as well as gluten-free options!

Not sure why they didn't bring their coffee 'cause this market definitely needed one of those stalls.  ;)

Overall, Backyard Farm & Market, although small, it had a nice vibe to it.  Very West Coast!

Click here for their Facebook page. 


posted by Stephania at 5:18 pm
Thank you for featuring us, Enfleurage Organics, in your Blog.

I guess you were so relaxed from the Lavender that your nose didn't detect the organic coffee that we also sell so visitors to the market can enjoy a cuppa java while shopping all the local fare.

LOL I was 'told' by one very young miss that I wasn't there the previous week with my Organic Lemonade. Even at her tender age she understood that being at a funeral is a serious reason to miss market. She turned her frown upside down into a big smile when she learned that now that the days are cooler, we're doing HOT CHOCOLATE!

There is something for everyone at our market and I thank you for visiting us and writing about us!!
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