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Friday, September 13, 2013

All the people say that
I'm pretty fly for a...

Viet Lady:  You Vietnamese?
Me:  No, I'm Chinese, but I eat Vietnamese food!
Viet Lady:  Oh, I thought you Vietnam.  You are pretty...for a Chinese.
Me:  Um...ok.

So is she saying that all Chinese people, women in particular, are fugly and that Vietnamese women are prettier?

wtf lady.  w.t.f.  I guess her ignorance is not as offensive as if she had been a native English-speaker.  Immigrants say the darndest things, I tell ya!

I should've asked if I could get a discount from her nail salon!!!

P.S.  Either that pic on the left is dated or Julie Chen has about all the features that other Asian women dread:  small eyes with NO eyelid-folds and a piggish nose.  :S  In addition to advancing her career as a journalist, I'm sure plastic surgery also helped her nab a spot at the gold diggers table!!!  You go, girl!


posted by Stephania at 7:24 pm
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