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Monday, August 05, 2013

Levi's got rid of their
numbering system??

You've seen their ads, but did you get them?

Apparently, Levi's scrapped their numbering system to indicate their different models...but only for women!  Does that make any sense that a company does this only for their female line??  Oh and they did this a few years ago, so Curve ID is nothing new.  After visiting a store, I sorta learned about this the hard way.  :(

I got the salesgirl to explain it to me and all I remember is that if you have a big booty, you're gonna be Bold Curve.  Slight/Demi Curve?  I don't quite remember, but according to the dictionary, "slight" and "demi" are very similar in meaning.

Aside from going through the clearance section of a Winners-type store, where would I be able to find a new pair of Slouchy Skinny 504s??  (They're actually just skinny, not real slouch to speak of.)  The internet yet again?  

Will Levi's ever go back to their old numbering system? 


posted by Stephania at 10:10 pm
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