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Monday, August 12, 2013

Food/Drinks That I Don't 'Get'...

Yes, they look pretty.  Yes, I can tell the bad from the good, but what up??  They're small, usually overpriced, and sometimes gritty.  Definitely not something that I crave or seek out.  And frankly, some of their colouring scares my inner mother!

It's a biscuit, it's underbaked shortbread?  No, it's scones.  Not being particularly fond of British food, I never understood the big deal about scones.  Let's face it, visually, they look like triangular pieces of plop with pieces of whatnot in it.  I'll eat 'em if I'm at some fancy, FREE event, but otherwise, don't bother bringing these to my tea party!

While we're on my fav topic, baked goods, let's get down to one of the worst offenders, biscotti.  Like the scone, biscotti is sorta an in-between/fence sitter.  Is it a cookie, a biscuit?  Whatever it may be, I'd prefer them away from my caffeinated beverage, thanks!

Bubble Tea
I'll admit that I fell into this 'fad' in high school, but I'm happy to report that I've grown out of it!  Have you seen the powders in which these drinks are made of?  They look just like jello powder!  And what exactly is tapioca made out of?  I heard one rumour, via the Chinese media, that they're actually made out of cement!  True?  Probably not, but still.

Tim Horton's
What's the national obsession with Tim Horton's??  I don't get it.  Their coffee is only decent with 18% cream, otherwise, it tastes weak, watered down.  And don't even get me started on their iced drinks, can we say, "Can I get some coffee to go with those ice cubes??"

I've never been to Italian, so maybe that's why I don't 'get' espresso.  However, everyone who writes a review for a cafĂ© seems to think that this is the be all and end all of all coffee drinks.  Doesn't it just taste like strong, black coffee?

Ignore the subtitle and tell me what the above pic looks like.  Watery salsa, no?  And that's exactly what it tastes like with slightly different spice.  I made it only once and I treated it like a detox diet of sorts.  I prefer my soups hot!

Bloody Mary/Tomato Juice
Uh...no.  Savoury drinks = not my thing!

Char Siu (Chinese BBQ Pork)
I do not like it in a bun.  I do not like it on my rice.  I do not like them here, there, or anywhere!

Chicken Feet
I'll admit that the Chinese dim sum dish looks slightly more appetizing than the above photo, but in the end, it's still chicken feet, tons of bones, & thickass skin!

Well, I'm sure there are other items, but this is my shortlist.  What about you?  Is there anything that you don't particularly like to eat/drink?


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