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Monday, July 29, 2013

Tsk on me, no pics of Boyz II Men. They had solid vocals 'n harmonies.  They really got the fans going!
98* was up next and I sorta know why, they were the weakest link out of the tour.  Nick Lachey's voice is just aw-ite.  Jeff Timmons (right) had the best voice out of the group!

I didn't know half the songs they performed, including this one which sounded quite bad. And they sorta got Chippendales-y at the end of their set.

Next, NKOTB!

The also performed a bunch of 'newer' songs that I wasn't familiar with.  I guess I'm not that hardcore after all...
Donnie Wahlberg
I think they were performing "Single", a Ne-Yo song that NKOTB re-released.  The lyrics, re:  "I'll be your boyfriend 'til the sun comes up", are a bit swarmy for New Kids... :S
Obvi since it's a Ne-Yo song, the song isn't bad.  I just don't think it suits the band.  The song's about a single lady going into a club...and the New Kids are like in their 40s.  So the lyrics are a bit "young", not that a good jam can come outta dirty diapers, doing the laundry, & baby barf!
Sorry Danny/Jon fans!  They weren't really into the limelight and constantly had their backs towards me, so no pics of them.  Jon seemed a bit out of it and E mentioned that he has some kinda anxiety disorder.  :(
I'm a Joey girl, so obviously, I tried to get more photos of him.  In addition to Dancing With Stars, he did some off-broadway and it shows!
Ok, just like 98*, the show sorta took a raunchy detour a la Chippendales.  I've never been to a strip club before, male or female, but I'm sure this was somewhat similar.  L said that when Jordan stripped, she couldn't look at his body!!!  Apparently, she can't even look at these online pics!
Donnie's still the "bad boy" of NKOTB, video evidence to follow.  As he walked through the crowd, he'd drink random fans' beers.
If you're an NKOTB fan and want to see more pics, email me, and I'll send you the link to the album I took.

And The Highlight, what was worth my $100+ was this moment...

This wasn't the exact. random. fan. but you get my drift. It was soo bizarro. Donnie was leaning in, singing either "Single" or "Cover Girl", the fan leans in closer, but hesitates, then Donnie just face plants her...WITH tongue. It was erm...memorable, let's just put it that way.

Does Jenny McCarthy know that this is part of your gig?

In a way, I'm sorta glad that my mom didn't allow me to go see New Kids when I was in grade school 'cause I don't think it would be the same as seeing them as an "adult".


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