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Thursday, May 23, 2013

This ain't Chinese School
or is it??

Question to my Non-Cauc(asian) Readers: When you're at a non-ethno-specific event, i.e. not Asian grocery store, not Indian/Chinese wedding, not Chinese School, and you're SURROUNDED, like drowning in sea of people "your own kind", what do you think to yourself?
1.  Nothing, really.
2.  What are all these Chinese/Brown/Black peeps doing here??!!
3.  I don't see colour, or  < Totally a White thing!
4.  Other, please specify.

Personally, I'm #2.  However, I now realise that Chinese people, whether I like it or not, have completely invaded the GTA.  This includes my slightly-out-of-the-GTA, in a once what most Chinese people thought to be a why-do-you-live-there city!

The Good:  Better Chinese restaurants.  If you've been overseas, it's meh here.  In comparison to Markham, it's a virtual wasteland in terms of good Chinese.  I just don't do dim sum here.

The Bad:  Bad drivers.  There, I said it.  Inflated housing prices.  These people (mainlanders) are buying houses with CASH.  

Back to my "peeps", I thought I was ghetto, but these people make me look like an angel.  It also makes me wanna step up my game/aggressiveness in terms of scoring free shit.  Iron sharpens iron, I suppose.


posted by Stephania at 9:25 pm
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