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Tuesday, May 07, 2013

My sentiments exactly,

(i.e. as in gagging/eye roll, not orgasm.)

Back eps of Geordie Shore are more entertaining than this latest, tossaway, "celebrity" sex tape. 

First, if you're a famewhore and don't have any qualms about exposing your nani to the world, a sex tape is a good way to go since everyone basically has the memory of a goldfish nowadays!  However, what I personally have a problem is when you have zero integrity, play yourself off as a victim (rather than a volunteer), bring your kid to the porn negotiations, while you have a horse-face and a body of a 12yo girl (minus the implants) that makes me feel like I'm watching child pornography!

Second, more than half of Backdoor Teen Mom was unwatchable.  The main reason was Farrah's nasally, Valley Girl-whine.  It's an instant boner killer.  Thank God that someone - dunno who! - had the sense to hire 'born for porn', James Deen to costar in this mess.  (Btw, contrary to what she said, he's definitely not 'small'!)

Anyway, I'm not gonna give this fakeass porn anymore attention, so you can watch it (if you're really curious) or skip it, but do not pay for this!  I can't stress this last part enough.  

Does anyone pay for porn anymore??


posted by Stephania at 9:39 pm
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