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Monday, April 22, 2013

Muslin instead of

Warning:  Post is intended for textile lovers - only.

As soon as warmer weather rolls 'round, storefronts are draped in not only b&w, but linen. Although linen's breathable, it's awful wrinkly, a bit boring and overdone like the b&w.  So why aren't manufacturers turning to fabrics like muslin instead?

True, usually unbleached, the colour isn't the best.  However, it's really soft, lightweight, and made out of 100% thin, gauzy cotton, and therefore ideal for warmer climates.

Anyway, so far, the 2 pieces that I've acquired (scarf, shorts), were done so through thriftin'.  Whenever, I go "vintage shopping", I don't do the usual, flip, flip, flip, looking at each and every item of clothing.  That's for amateurs and takes waaay too long.  

Instead, what I do is I pan across the racks, looking at colours + texture and that's how I got my 2 muslin-made pieces.  I wasn't gonna buy the shorts (made in Mexico) 'cause I spotted them in the middle of Winter, but now, I'm glad that I bought them!  

The scarf which is tagless, basically looks like a cloth diaper from the late '70s/what a mummy would be wrapped up in/a raggedy ol' cheesecloth, but I love it anyway.

So back to my original question, why aren't clothing manufacturers looking to the past and making clothes out of muslin??


posted by Stephania at 2:01 pm
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