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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Do Koreans just
hate themselves this much??!!

above:  Hang Mioku, a Korean woman, who injected cooking oil into her face.  Click here to read a Brit tabloid version of the story.

I wished that I knew enough about Korean culture to make a blanket statement such as the title above, but I don't. In fact, unlike most of my peers (Chinese women, various ages), I don't watch Korean dramas. That stuff will not only fry your brain, but it'll dry out your vag and turn you into an old maid before the end of one of their series! 

From what I've heard though, through a friend who has been teaching English in South Korea for 2+yrs, it's sort of a fucked up place where looks are EXTREMELY important. Like most non-Caucasian cultures, they follow very colonialised ideas of beauty where stuff like light skin, big eyes/double eye lids, small nose, etc. are revered. 

From another friend who is actually Korean, she hasn't said it directly, but indirectly, I also get the sense that looks basically determine your station in life. And these so-called looks are things that most Koreans aren't naturally born with, including height, big boobs, and tapered, feminine jawlines. 

From both sources, Koreans HATE fatties.  It seems as though you're better off dead than fat.  And I read somewhere that "no one ugly has ever done anything good" in Korea.  You get the drift.

So naturally (ha ha), plastic surgery is BIG BUSINESS in South Korea.  Chinese and Thais, as per a Thai friend, fly to that country to take advantage of their perfectly practiced plastic surgeries.  I'm too lazy to google the figures, but it's apparently enough to make newspaper headlines!  

Personally, if you're a chick and you can basically pick your nose, with your tongue, I'm all for you getting a nose job.  HOWEVER, if there's nothing aesthetically wrong with your face, and you're just tweaking major shit (jawlines!), to where you don't even resemble the person you were before the surgery, go to a shrink, not a plastic surgeon.  This is especially true when it's based on some impossible standard of beauty that cannot be applied to your fuckin' culture!!!

I dunno who, but someone has painstakingly decided to document some of these Korean befores/afters in a tumblr blog.  Click here to check out the unbelievable pics.

Can someone else pretty please make a documentary on this topic??  &/OR can someone else develop an app where you can upload your pic and get an after of what you'd look like after a Korean surgery?

Rhetorical Question:  If Korean men also active participants in plastic surgery, and they mate with Korean women who've had surgery as well, wouldn't their kids just be unattractive 'cause their DNA hasn't been modified?      


posted by Stephania at 1:24 am
there's a picture of a korean family where the mom and dad looked very different from the kids. http://9gag.com/gag/4089731
And I think you would be interested in this story: http://www.hurriyetdailynews.com/chinese-man-who-sued-wife-for-being-ugly-awarded-120000.aspx?pageID=238&nid=33388
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