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Monday, January 07, 2013

What's the word/phrase to describe
being made to feel like a child??

Trying on a pair of Fiorentini + Baker boots was two-fold for me: 
1) To see how they looked on my feet, and more importantly, 
2) To see what size I was, they run large, so that I can buy them online...for less $$$!  ;)

Based on my experience, they weren't 1 size larger, but actually 2, making me a 34!  At their SoHo location, the smallest they had was size 35, so I asked the salesgirl, "What do people do if they're smaller than 35??" in which she responded, "Well, they'd hafta get kid's size!" The salesgirl proceeded to point to a tiny, pathetic shelf containing a very limited selection. :(((  And being the Holidays 'n all, they were out of 34, so I wasn't able to try them on! 

I'd like to think that there is a large enough clientele of kid bikers out there to increase the demand, right?  In the GTA area??  Who am I kiddin'?  The shopping, especially mid-higher end, is pretty slim pickings in these here parts!

Maybe it's for the best that I wasn't able to find my size 'cause it's not as if I *need* another pair of black boots.  At last count, I have at least 4 pairs, but they're all different, varying in heights, different kinds of leather, and styles - none of which are pull-on, moto, so does that still count?


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