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Thursday, January 03, 2013

Less Than Zero (1987)
This is gonna totally date me, but I wanna re-watch this flick! Not like I can relate to coming home from college to a mansion with a 90210 zip code to friends who were junkies or anything, but I'd personally like to explore the theme of coming back home, whether or not it c/would be the same, etc.  Re:  Welcome Home, Roxy Carmichael (1990), Beautiful Girls (1996), Glitter (2001, kinda-sorta, ok, not a very good example), "October Road" (2007, haven't seen, but have heard of it), & the more recent, Young Adult (2011), to name a few.

In addition to exploring this poignant "coming back home" theme, my main '80s crushes (Andrew McCarthy, James Spader) are also in this (loosely based) Bret Easton Ellis adaptation!!!  *swoon*  Another bonus?

"Hazy Shade of Winter"

with Susanna Hoffs, my '80s girl-crush!  Oh 1987, you were a very good vintage...


posted by Stephania at 1:15 am
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