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Saturday, November 03, 2012

Review for

Physician's Formula 
Organic Wear Mascara
Even though I write tons of restaurant reviews, I didn't really have a spot to comment on make-up, so I thought that I'd feature it here!

Since I tossed the packaging a while ago, I cannot comment on the ingredients in terms of being "organic".  And even if I had the list of ingredients in front my me, I wouldn't really be able to recognise wtf it is that I'm slathering on my lashes as I'm not a chemist.  So that's that.  

However, I do hafta point out that there is plenty 'o packaging that I am sure is not enviro-friendly, namely the glossy box with translucent window - probably not recyclable AND the "jumbo" tube...that should supposedly join a landfill 3 months after opening.

As someone who has typical, wimpy, Asian, close-to-non-existent, stick straight lashes, I am looking for lengthening first, closely followed by thickening. (Sounds like a checklist for something else! ;)  And the only thing that I've noticed with the Organic Wear Mascara is definition which is not of importance to me.  Sure, the formula's non-clumping, but what do I care when I have neither something that lengthens nor thickens??

What I would suggest to PF, in the future, is that they divert their attention away from "Buy me, buy me, buy me, I'm in a shiny, green tube that's the shape of a leaf!" packaging to more about improving a product and its integrity, i.e. lessen the bulk of the packaging (both box + tube) &/or make it recyclable.

Verdict:  I think the main issue lies in the shape of the brush &/or the shortness of the bristles.  Whatever the case may be, the results aren't worth the purchase price!  

Thank God this shit was free, after a mail-in rebate!

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posted by Stephania at 5:09 pm
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