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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

I need a new desk lamp!!!

Perhaps I'm just not casting my net wide enough, but I'm in desperate need of a new desk lamp that serves both function and design.

The current one I have is a cheapie one from Ikea that no longer holds its position.  When I tilt it forward, it literally falls on my desk...while melting anything in its path!  I'm pretty sure that I wasn't the one who originally purchased this lamp and that it was just something that was lyin' 'round my house that I picked up.

Anyway, when this Ikea lamp started falling (apart), I was trying to think of what stores that I could go to for inspiration:  Staples, um, thrift store, er...Ikea again??  See that, I'm already fresh out of ideas!

A frequent visitor to thrift stores, I know, for a fact, that finding anything remotely cool, with a vintage feel, in the form of a lamp is pretty rare.  I mean, all the light fixtures that people are giving away are for a reason - mainly 'cause they're cheap and out-of-date!  (At least this is the case in my immediate area.)  I definitely have more luck finding the odd, nice piece of furniture...that I usually don't have a use/space for.  :(

So with the help of the handy dandy internet, my search was on!  My requirements are simple:  adjustable, retro (lookin'), doesn't take up too much space on my desk, requires a standard light bulb - not one of those horizontal fluorescent ones, and doesn't heat up with extended use. 

I did visit the Ikea website, but the only lamp that stood out was the ARĂ–D at $39.99.  Problem?  It only comes in an industrial gray - not the hugest fan - and it's probably flimsy to the touch.  I'll hafta investigate in person...

After turning to the internet for inspiration, I've settled on the shape of this Anglepoise 1227 lamp:

See...it is possible for a lamp to come in different colours.  Problem?  There's no distributor here in the GTA (sucks!), all the ones seem to be across the pond which = different wiring and more importantly, most sellers are quoting me at least 40GBP for shipping alone.

Heck, I'd be happy with a Luxo.  Again, no 'luxo' here!  :(
Ahhh, this is soo damn frustrating...

My search continues...


posted by Stephania at 12:26 pm
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