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Monday, October 08, 2012

Extreme Cheapskates, 
Now A TLC Show!
Dear Kay, 

After watching the above clip, a few things came to mind: 

1. I am almost positive that that is a FREE tee as it is the size of a dress on you and has some ugly, non-descript logo on it! 

2. Your tee looks like a fuckin' rag. It has several holes (most likely from being rung out so much!) and is a worn out yellow-y/gray/off-white colour when it's probably supposed to be white; 

3.  Uh, what do you do if you have a full load of laundry?;

4. Not sure what your marital status is, but I'm gonna go out on a limb here and *assume* that you're single. And apparently, you live in NYC. So may I be soo bold as to suggest that perhaps you DO take a trip to your local laundromat where other singles tend to 'hang'; 

5. Aren't you concerned at all by the chemicals in your laundry detergent/bleach (!!!) leaching into your body, via your skin, while you shower? I'm sure Dr. Oz would have something to say about this; 

6. If you're trying to save money, why don't you just live at home with your 'rents where you'd most likely NOT hafta pay rent OR on the streets, rent-free as well?; 

7. That is an awfully small piece of soap in which you use to rub it out to "wash" yourself after you take a dump!,

8.  It may be a good idea to label your squirt bottle so that no one mistakenly drinks out of it!, and; 

9. I cannot believe that I'll be missing this reality-tv gold 'cause I do not have TLC. :(


posted by Stephania at 8:28 pm
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