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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Halloween '12 Movie Season!

You know what time it is, boys 'n girls? Time for me to give you the lowdown on what movies are comin' out this Halloween!

For personal reasons, i.e. working in retail for waaay too long where Halloween is like Xmas, I basically hate Halloween with the exceptions of the movies. LOVE the movies.

So I've compiled a list for all of you fellow horror-lovers who may be stuck indoors, ignoring your doorbell this season.  These theatrical release dates are Canadian.

P.S.  Even though a film may fall under a certain genre, I haven't included certain titles if it's something that I would never watch, e.g. Argo.

September 30th - Sunday??
Hemorrhage - a psychological thriller of some sort.  No imdb or Rotten Tomatoes reviews.  It's Canadian, so I don't have high hopes.  Sorry, Canada!

October 5th
Frankenweenie - Tim Burton, animated about a zombie dog.  Maybe it's just my ADD, but I recently fell asleep during Corpse Bride, on my first viewing.  I don't watch animated movies, especially in theatres, so I probably won't catch this one!

Hold Your Breath - Bunch of teens go camping.  Will it be any good?  Probably not.

Taken 2 - Taken sorta established Liam Neeson's hunkiness...at least in my eyes.  If the second part's anything like the first, it should be good!  HOWEVER, dumb, rich daughters who go off with strangers in foreign countries sorta irk me.

October 12th

Antiviral - David Cronenberg's son, Brandon, follows in his father's footsteps with this feature directorial debut.  This Sci-fi/horror sorta sounds like a mix of The Fly, minus the actual fly, and Rabid, minus the sex angle, with a modern-day twist of celebs and obsessed fans.  Hopefully, daddy won't let him fail!

Sinister - Plot sounds sorta like a gory, found footage version of The Shining, but instead of keeping a secluded inn, Ethan Hawke's character is a true crime novelist who's living in a house where some bad shit, not heroin, has happened.  You get the idea.  imdb rating is favourable.

Smiley - serial killer who is born out of an urban legend, probably a la teased kid who was killed by his bullies and now seeks revenge, and wears a demented skin-mask to boot!  What stands out isn't the generic poster, but the fact that the director is 24yo!!!

Maybe it's jealousy, his filmography, or a combination of both, but something tells me that this won't be very good.

October 19th

Paranormal Activity 4 - 4 already??  And I haven't seen 1, 2, or 3.  Not a fan of this mockumentary-style horror.  It gives me motion sickness, plus I hate those scenes where it's completely dark and something "scary" happens.

October 26th - the home stretch!

Silent Hill:  Revelation 3D - It has a gimmick and is being released 6 years after the original.  How good can it be?

Sleep Tight (Mientras deurmes) - brought to you by the same director as Rec + Rec2...the original, Spanish version!  Plot is vague, but the main character is a quiet, polite super at some apartment in Barcelona...and he's probably PSYCHO too!

Out of the entire list, ironically the last one, Sleep Tight seems the most up-my-alley!  How about you??


posted by Stephania at 10:54 pm
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