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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Body parts were found
in my city!!!
Blame Stand By Me, but as a child, I've always wanted to find a dead body while playing at the park/hiking in the woods. Not sure how I'd feel 'bout fuckin' BODY PARTS tho'. My mind's pretty traumatised already, so I'm sure any grisly discovery would automatically be erased from my memory - for true!

Anyway, at a press conference yesterday afternoon, police identified the body parts found in Mississauga/Scarborough as 41yo, single mother, Guang Hua Liu.  <-- White reporters be butchering up her name just as badly as her body!

After this discovery, I told my mom that the victim was Chinese and she responded, "How come people (i.e. crazies) like to chop up Chinese people soo much??"  Re:  the recent Luka Magnotta case in which the victim was Lin Jun, also Chinese.

(I, on the other hand, would never be found cut up as I would turn that mother fuckin' butcher knife soo fast on my perp that he'd be the one in the river!)

My prediction for this case is that either her son or her mysterious tenant did it.  Whatever the outcome may be, the killer is probably Chinese as there are quite a bit of crazy Asians out there.  Obviously who ever did the crime was not only crazy enough to cut that shit up, but he wasn't very smart as the parts were still identifiable. 

Click here to read the updated news story. 


posted by Stephania at 12:29 am
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